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The Explorers Club is an international multidisciplinary professional society dedicated to the advancement of field research and the ideal that it is vital to preserve the instinct to explore. Since its inception in 1904, the Club has served as a meeting point and unifying force for explorers and scientists worldwide.

The Club provides assistance in expedition planning, awards fieldwork grants to scientists, writers, and photographers, and at our famed annual dinners, honors accomplishments in exploration. But probably the most powerful resource available to those who join the Club is fellowship with other members--a global network of expertise, experience, technology, industry, and support. The Explorers Club actively encourages public interest in exploration and the sciences through its public lectures program, publications, travel program, and other events. The Club also maintains Research Collections, including a library and map room, to preserve the history of the Club and to assist those interested and engaged in exploration and scientific research.

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Next Chapter Meeting:

May 12th, 2017 Meeting:

**Note: location change in May

NOTE: We will be trying another lunch/meeting location in May. This time, we will be at Senate’s End (Dupre Catering and Events). See more details below.

The May meeting of the Greater Piedmont Chapter of The Explorers Club will be Friday, May 12th. Our speaker will be chapter member James W. Borton and the topic is "Environmental Security: A Crucible in the South China Sea." See more details below.

We will meet at "Senate’s End", 316 Senate Street, Columbia, SC 29201. This is at the west end of Senate Street at the Congaree River. Parking will not be a problem as they have plenty of spaces on the property.

You can find more info on Senate's End at: Cost for the lunch will be $20.00 (maybe a little less).

If you plan to attend, please RSVP (by Tuesday the 9th) to David Brinkman at

More on the topic and our speaker:

Since December 2013, China has added more than 1,200 hectares to islands in the South China Sea (See this link). The geopolitical implications of these land reclamation efforts are well documented: The majority of the activity has taken place on the Spratly Islands, an archipelago in the waters between Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines, all of which – along with China, Taiwan, and Brunei – have competing claims to the region.

What has been less discussed is the environmental impact, which borders on catastrophic. China’s activities are endangering fish stocks, threatening marine biodiversity, and creating a long-term threat to some of the world’s most spectacular sea life. Join us in the intersection of science and policy.

James W. Borton teaches writing in the English Department at the University of South Carolina and and he has previously taught Marine Science students at Coastal Carolina University how to use figurative language in their science papers. He’s a former foreign correspondent for The Washington Times, where he has conducted interviews with heads of state, including Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia , Fidel Ramos, former president of the Philippines and other foreign leaders.

Borton's seminal book Venture Japan: How Growing Companies Worldwide Can Tap into the Japanese Venture Capital Markets, was published by Probus in 1992. He has edited The Art of Medicine in Metaphors (Copernicus Healthcare) 2013 and edited The South China Sea: Challenges and Promises. His latest book, Islands and Rocks in the South China Sea Post Hague Ruling has just been released. He has participated in numerous conferences on the South China Sea in Washington, DC and in Asia.

He’s currently a faculty associate at the Walker Institute and also a senior fellow at the US-Asia Institute.
Borton holds both a B.A and a M.A  with honors in English and American Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland and has been a former National Endowment Fellow at Yale University. He has also been an active member of the President's Circle of The Asia Society in New York City and the Foreign Correspondents Club in Hong Kong and Phnom Penh. He’s also a National Fellow in the Explorers Club.


The Greater Piedmont Chapter holds luncheon meetings on the second Friday of each month at 12 noon at the Capital City Club in Columbia, SC.
Cost for lunch is $20.00. Please email your attendance plans to David Brinkman at . Often people show up who have not made reservations. We try to make sure there is more seating than reservations, but please notify us in advance to be assured a place. If you are bringing any guests, please email David their name(s). We like to record who attended each meeting.

Past Meetings

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